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How to draw for mindfulness exercises

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Mindfulness Exercises and Drawing

There are thousands of ways to implement mindfulness exercises. My favorite one is drawing and sketching. It is kind of fulfilling and satisfying.

When I posted that we should draw to elevate our mindfulness state of consciousness and demonstrated my drawing, many people appreciated it but they also pointed out that not everybody can draw. But then, I am also not an artist and I can draw! I took it as a personal challenge to prove that if I can draw, anybody can draw.

So, I made this video to prove that how easy it is to pick up a pencil and start drawing. Follow it up and, believe me, you are going to surprise yourself and your loved ones by the end result.

Watch the video below that I created last week.

Still not convinced? Ok, Watch the video below. This video went viral at one of the Ted show presentation.

I watched above video accidentally and was surprised that somebody other than me also has the same idea as me and he is proving the idea, that anybody can draw, much more authoritatively than me. I watch the above video up to the end and was very impressed. Although, I draw to do my mindfulness exercises, please point your way for doing mindfulness exercises.

Finally, keep and eye on my blog as I will share many more drawing ideas in future through my YouTube Channel.

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